March 8 is the International Women’s Day

On this occasion, we decided to focus on the place of women in the world of real estate in Luxembourg.
Indeed, unlike our French neighbors or our counterparts across the Atlantic, the real estate network in Luxembourg is mainly run by men.
Fortunately, mentalities are changing and we can see that real estate agency teams are increasingly mixed. This diversity would have many benefits, since it would promote creativity, the efficiency of the company and its dynamism.
On the employee side, the profession of real estate agent is one of the few that provides great flexibility, which is not negligible in the management of the daily and family life of women.
We also notice that on the other side of the screen, when looking for a property, it is the woman who initiates the procedures and searches on the web. Indeed, according to studies carried out, we note that unlike other sites, the distribution between men and women is almost identical, while for real estate sites are consulted more by women than by men.
This means that in addition to being decision makers in the choice of housing, women seem to be more involved than their companions in the search for real estate. Indeed, all real estate agents agree on this point: when it comes to buying real estate, it is the woman who has the last word !

And at Immo Partner ?

« Lucien Douwes, our boss has surrounded himself with an all-female team. I think that our added value for his company is our rigour, our sensitivity to wanting to do things and to best support our customers in their purchase/sale project. Lucien also pays us back with his great flexibility in managing our family lives, which is not negligible for us. Indeed, I have always been interested in real estate and I did not hesitate to make it my job. My social life is also very important to me, being a real estate agent is the ideal job to juggle both. In short, we have found a nice balance and the atmosphere is always there at Immo Partner ! » L. N.

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